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Digital.CEO is a Global One Stop Digital Solution Provider for SMART people from all over the world. AreYouSm.art ? JoinSMARTgroup.Com .  SMART Stands for Small Business Owners / Money Seekers or Unemployed / Amazing Home Makers / Retired Seniors / Talented Persons. Providing Cost Effective Small Business Digital Marketing Solutions is our main focussed area.


We Build Tools For the Web


We Build World Class Cost Effective, WordPress Websites. These Websites will help you to reach out to your Customers and will reap Profits for you.


We Provide World Class and Cost Effective, Search Engine Optimization Solutions for Small Businesses across the world.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the Soul of any Small Business. We generate Leads for your Small Business. Our fully guaranteed system will help you to Grow Fast.

Social Marketing

We love Social Media and Love to take you across the world of your choice and will generate leads from all Social Networks and we help you to Go Viral Too.

Start Connecting With Your Users

Live Chat Bots, Live Video Connections and many more Digital Marketing tools will help your business to reach out to your customers easily and when they visit your Website itself. This will help you to generate new customers, day in and day out. More Customers means more profits.

Get Everything You Need At  One Point

Our One Stop Single Window, Digital Systems, will help you to get all much needed Digital Solutions for your Small Business. You don’t need to go around the world to get different solutions for different issues of your buiness. This will save lot of time, from coordinating with n number of agencies. Yes, we cannot provide whole world of solutions, but don’t worry, we outsource on your behalf and will coordinate with them for your greatest benefit.


What You Get

Responsive Themes

Full Customization

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

"Digital.CEO is truly a One Stop Digital Solution provider for Small Businesses / Money Seekers / Home Makers / Retired Seniors / Talented Persons. They provide one stop cost effective Digital Solutions.

Monarch Inc.

"Their No Compromising Commitment and Over Delivering attitude are next to none in the world. Customer First approach of Digital.CEO is Unique in the world. We can't find any alternative." Extra Co.

Extra Co.

"Digital.CEO has unlimited and never heard kind of most powerful Digital Tools. These powerful Digital Tools wil surely help any Small Business across the world, to reap Profits in any Niche. Digital.CEOs capacity to update themselves is quite powerful in the world."



Fully Responsive

Build For SMART People:

Built for Truly SMART and Really SMART People. Truly SMART are the ones who are SMART by nature. Really SMART people are, Small Business Owners, Money Seekers / Unemployed, Amazing Home Makers, Retired Seniors and Talented Persons. We are not only technically responsive on all devices, but also responsive in our actions, You call us and we respond. Are You Smart? JoinSmartGroup.Com is our facebook Group.

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Want some thing for FREE? Yes we do know that all cannot afford paying, as well we cannot survive if you don’t pay us. So we give sufficient knowledge for any one in the world to earn around $1000 per month for absolutely FREE, we don’t want even your information. No Strings Attached. Beyond that, we charge nominal fees, that any one can pay easily, when they earn $1000 per Month. 

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